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Sleep, Steps, Food – The Jawbone UP

I recently purchased a Jawbone UP. With much speculation I wanted an activity tracker that had some style and was easy to wear. Jawbone had a hard time with their UP generation one version and had to scrap it completely. The generation 2 UP was completely re-built from the ground up. Their design video on YouTube is pretty cool!

The UP basically has a brain, battery and motion center inside the band that tracks your activity and sleep through a 24 hour period. Jawbone recommends that you connect your UP to your smartphone twice a day to upload activity. The UP plugs into my iPhone 5’s headphone jack. For me this is really not a big deal. For others the question came up why didn’t Jawbone use a bluetooth connection instead of a headphone jack. I don’t know how big a bluetooth component would be but I bet that might be one reason. The UP has a lot of technology crammed into this small profile band that you wear.

As I continue my weight loss journey the UP has been a great companion. I now have a personal coach that logs my activity and sleep. Food entries are entered manually. The food diary is one of things in my opinion that lacks in the UP iOS application. This is something that I hope Jawbone expands or either integrates their iOS application with

Overall the application has been great in motivating me to move more. I’m now walking at work at 10am, after lunch and 3pm every day in addition to my standard cardio sessions at the gym.

Thanks Jawbone for a sexy piece of tech!





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